Birthday Climb

Mt. Natib, Bataan
November 15 - 16, 1997

Expedition Leader: Jerome Alcantara
Assistant EL: Ronald Fabon
Camp Master: Sidney Palas
Purser: Myene Terante
Scribe: Koni de Lemos

Natib is a 1234 meter mountain situated in Bataan, a province which is a two-hour trip away from the busy streets of Manila.

Having a number of different trails ranging from hot, open, wide, and rocky one to steep but shady and cool rain forest, Mt. Natib seems to be tough for beginners . Not to mention the only water source in the place is 3 hours trek away from the peak.

The cramps of one's leg after the walk can be well compensated with the breath-taking scene awaiting you. You will have a 360 degrees view of the neighboring towns and provinces of Bataan including Mariveles, Morong, Olongapo, Subic, etc. The picturesque of the sunset is one of a kind. The sky is painted with hues of yellow, orange, and red. At night, both the moon (esp. if it's full moon) and the stars will make you fall in love. A cuddle from a friend or someone special is doubly romantic and will help you survive the cold and foggy night. In the morning , you will not feel the day break because of the chill but you should never miss the beauty of the sunrise.

The experience of the Mountaineering and Exploration Society of Adamson University (MESAU) in this place is something to remember, not only the beauty w/c the mountain beholds, but every little bit of the happenings we've shared. From the preparation of the climb, up to the post climb, and even up to the time when we have to sleep in the school yard because we missed the last trip going to Manila (7:00 P.M.). But luckily, we were able to have a ride home around 2:45 in the morning and were able to make it to our classes.

EVENT: MESAU Climb and B-DAY climb of Alex
VENUE: Mt. Natib, Bataan
DATE: Nov. 15 - 16, 1997

PURSER: Myene Terante
SCRIBE: Ma'am Koni
CAMP MASTER: Sidney Palas


 6:30         Time Departed
              Panther (Doroteo Jose) 
              " A one-hour wait for Jessie is enough."
 9:00         Time Arrived
              Orani, Bataan
 9:40-10:45   Trip to Bgy. Tala (Jump off)
              Had 2 stop overs for registration
11:00         Started Trekking " Intro ala-Isarog"
12:30         Lunch and water loading (the only water source)
              "Kambingan"  with ABS-CBN and AYALA people.
 1:20         Trek to summit
              - Leo;  Pa tawa-tawa lang pag take five!
              - Mario;  tamang alalay na pa care-care pa!
              - Alex;  hindi pa rin a - tawa !
              - MESAU guests;  cool na cool!
              - Roy;  muntik nang maubos ang baong pasensiya ka pu-push!
              - Ma'am Koni;  iyak-tawa sa pagod pero happy (very happy)!
 3:10         Summit (lead Pack)
              "Walang clearing, walang Pantigan"
              Pictorial c/o Eman
 3:40         (Middle  group)
 3:55         Pitch tent
 4:20         (Sweeper)
              "May clearing na,  May SOMEL ED pa" QLY Roy!
 4:40         Preparation for dinner
 4:50         Anaconda nanggulat!
              -  Cui and friends started malmalan
              -  Ma'am Alex did what she does best "cook"
 5:20         Sunset - The Best!
 6:40         Dinner
 7:40         "Socials sa Kabilugan ng Buwan"
11:00         "Revelation" Secrets no secrets anymore!
12:00         Lights out

  6:30        wake up call
  7:00        Breakfast
  9:20        Break camp
  9:40        Start descending
 12:10       Water source
              -  Carlo; kinambing
              -  Tagayan blues
12:40        Binutas
 1:20        Jump off (lead pack)
 2:00        To Annjoline's resort
 3:00        Resort, Orani Bataan
 4:30        Lunch
 4:45        Swimming / petiks
 6:10        Post climb (pool)
             -  lahat super kulit;  Master Roy  nagalit
 6:20        Banlawan
 7:00        Post climb (Part 2)
             Lahat serious "walang personalan"
             -  late comers (Jessie and Anaconda)
             -  basura (Anaconda)
             -  spoiled (Jeff / Jun / Carlo)
             -  essentials (esp. water)
             -  basta masaya, ayos lang
             -  bawas daldal (Joseph) 
             -  emphasis on initiative
             -  congratulations from everybody to everybody
 7:40        ETD (Abangan Blues)
             Last trip going to Manila, Dumaan na!
 8:00        Layac, wala na ring biyahe
 8:30        Hintayan, Kulitan, Pustahan, stranded na kami!
 10:30       Basketball court (nagpa- ampon kami for a little nap)
  1:30       Gisingan, 1st trip nalampasan kami (wala nang maka ngiti)
  2:45       Sa wakas,  naka sakay rin kami!
  4:10       Time arrived (Manila)

To Bataan P 82
To Bgy Tala P 20

Registration P5
Resort P 30

1. Tents
2. Stove
3. Lamp
4. Rope (Val's)
5. Flat webbing (Joseph's)

1. Fluids 20
2. Film 36 shots

CAPACITY (PEAK) 15-20 Tents


1. You can take a bus going to Balanga, Bataan at the terminal station of Panther in Doroteo Jose, Sta. Cruz, Manila. The first trip is at 4:00 am and the last trip is at 9:00 pm. The fare is set at P82.00.

2. Alight at Orani, Bataan. From there, take a jeepney ride going to Brgy. Tala, the jump-off point gointto Mt. Natib. The cost of fare is P15.00. A P5.00 registration fee will also be collected.

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